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Therapeutic Services


We offer a range of therapeutic services, both for children and adolescents, as well as for parents, and work both 1:1 and with groups.

1:1 play therapy
1:1 Play Therapy

1:1 Play Therapy is the most commonly used approach to working therapeutically with younger children, who are generally poor at expressing themselves verbally but can do so very effectively through play. The therapist provides a safe, confidential space in which the child can work through difficult feelings and emotions.

group play therapy
Group Play Therapy

Group play therapy gives small groups of children with similar needs the opportunity to work through their issues within the safe setting of the play therapy space, but with the added benefits which come from peer feedback and social acceptance. Particularly suitable for social skills difficulties, low self-esteem, and matched life experience issues such as divorce and bereavement.

creative arts therapy
Creative Arts Therapy for Older Children

Similar to play therapy, but with the specific needs of the older child in mind, Creative Arts Therapy is a non-directive approach which uses a variety of creative art materials to facilitate older children and teenagers in working through their difficulties in a safe, accepting space. .

parent child attachment play
Parent Child Attachment Play 

This is a gentle play-based approach aimed at improving the parent-child relationship using child-centred non-directive play with parents/carers and their children aged 3-12 years. The therapist works with the parents/carers, guiding them through a structured approach to building up a closer, more positive relationship with their child through play.

baby bonding
Baby Bonding

Baby bonding is a very gentle and effective preventative and early intervention for parents and their babies-in-waiting and babies. I work with mothers giving assistance in the development of an optimum attachment relationship with their baby through evidence-based techniques.

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